The Book that’s Basically My Life

custom fishing rod holdersWill I ever have such a lovely experience ever again? That’s why I need to know the future. I know a lot of people come here for silly, selfish reasons, but mine is truly greater than all of them: I want to know about my future. There you go. That’s a great and noble reason.

I just finished the greatest book that shall ever be read, by me. I didn’t write the book, but with how it spoke to me, and also the fact that I’m a fairly decent writer, it might as well have been. It was about a lady who works in an office- just like me, so it’s like they were in my HEAD- who was constantly having to deal with a husband who goes off on fishing trips every other weekend. I thought I was the only person in this entire country who had the problem of my husband always having friends round, talking about fishing rod holders and snapper racks and all kinds of things that just don’t interest me at all.

Marriage should be built on trust, respect, and spouses never talking about things that don’t interest the other, so already one of the firm foundations of this union has been compromised.

In the book, the lady finally snaps and has an affair in the office before snapping even further and going after her husband with an baseball bat. I’m not saying I’m tempted, but…it’s pause for thought, is it not? I have to look at my options. I put down that book, and all the plate alloy boat conversations came flooding into my mind. Do I need to take drastic action? How much longer can I live with my marriage in such dire straits? I can’t have anther conversation with my husband about the benefits of owning a plat alloy boat. 


We dance with wolves in the gently falling snow, while the season finale of Fantasy goes unnoticed indoors. Sow your wild oats, pay the ferryman, and never again will you have problems with the illegal acquisition of hallucinogens.