Which Mechanic?

She couldn’t believe she had lost him. How could she have failed so horribly? What would the boss think if he found out about this? He wouldn’t be happy – that was for sure.

As she searched the dark woods, Rylee knew there was no realistic chance that she would ever find Cosmo the Kobold. The elusive little humanoid had probably burrowed into the ground or climbed up a tree, and there was no chance she’d find him then. The dang creature was too light, making no obvious footprints for her to track.

Taking a deep breath, Rylee made her way back to the road, through the mangled oaks, their branches reaching out to her like bony fingers. It was like something straight out of a horror movie.

Well, this sucks. Now what are you going to do, Rylee? Just go to a random shop for tyres near Hobart and hope for the best? 

A terrible idea. It wasn’t like she could make an excuse that she needed auto electrical work without a car. If the mechanic she went to happened to be a Machinist, she’d be in big trouble. There had to be another way. A way for her to confirm where exactly Cosmo was heading. She could assume all she wanted that he was going to the best auto electrician Hobart or Brighton had to offer, but without confirmation, it was useless going there.

As she reached the road again, Rylee mulled an idea over in her head. If Cosmo had survived the crash, then it seemed possible – maybe even likely – that Dirk Bradshaw had survived too. Perhaps it was time she asked him a few questions.

Hopefully, he hadn’t managed to escape while she was following Cosmo. That would be a complete disaster. If she could at least salvage something from this, perhaps her boss wouldn’t be quite so mad.

Come on, Dirk, it’s time to tell me where the right auto shop is.