Goodbye Tinted Office

Well, I quit! I’m walking out of the building as we speak. If I’m honest, the whole thing didn’t go down as well as I would have liked, and after five years of working with those people, I probably won’t be getting a recommendation. It wasn’t my fault that it went badly. I handed my boss the letter and he read it on the spot. Apparently, he was really offended that I had mentioned the trend of office tinting in the Melbourne CBD as a reason that I’m quitting. He said on the spot that the bosses did that for us, and that everything in the office is there to make our lives better. I wholeheartedly disagreed and that’s where things went really wrong.

I took the opportunity to tell my boss everything that was wrong with the company, in the hope that it would make it a better place to work for the people I’m leaving behind. I figured that it couldn’t hurt to be brutally honest, especially if I had already shot myself in the foot. When I got on the topic of flexible work my now ex-boss looked like he almost had a heart attack. I was saying all of this in front of an entire level of our office and I could hear people agreeing with me in the background. It was probably the worst-case scenario for my boss, but I was pretty happy with it. 

Anyway, it looks like I’ll never see any sort of professional commercial window tinting again. This is a blessing because it means I’ll never have to work in an office again, but it’s also somewhat sad because the windows truly are beautiful. They’re not beautiful enough to make me want to stay, however, and that’s why I’m leaving.

I’m looking forward to the next chapter of my life. Things are changing, but they’re changing for the better.