Impressive Window Tinting

Do you know how in my last blog post I said that I’m never going back into the office again? Well, my higher-ups are now trying to force us to come back into the office full time. You’d think after having all this flexibility they’d let us continue working this way, but apparently not. I heard on the grapevine that not enough people are going into the office, and they expected it to be at 75% capacity as soon as the office renovations and high-quality office window tinting were complete. Apparently, office attendance is just under 50% six months after everyone was allowed to come into the office.

Tomorrow is Monday and the start of my first week back in the office. I have to spend the entire day today meal prepping, which is something I thought I had left well and truly behind me. Because of all the Sunday meal prep and dreading going into the office Monday morning, I feel like I’m pretty much working a six-day workweek now. For over a year now I’ve felt great and relaxed on Sundays. I forgot how (word redacted) it feels to have the Monday Blues.

Well, I just had my first day in the office. It wasn’t any better than I was imagining and it just proved to me why I prefer to work from home and why it’s so much better for me. I forgot how annoying my coworkers are when I have to see them for eight hours a day. Literally, one of my coworkers who is alright over video chat is exhausting in person. My office is one of the good ones, and I’m lucky to have commercial glass tinting. In the Melbourne area and surrounds, it’s commonly known that the individual offices with tinting are home to the most important people in the company, which I guess I am one of. I assume they gave me this office to coerce me to come in, but with my whacky coworker staring at me for hours a day, I am going to fight against that.