The Tree That Can’t be Lopped

Melbourne tree loppingAlright. I don’t believe in fortune telling. I don’t have any patience for palm reading, my tolerance for tarot cards is low, and I find astrology asinine. It’s baloney, I say!

But…well, there comes a time in your life when you have to re-evaluate your beliefs. So I’m asking for advice, I don’t EXPECT anything good. But I do…hope.

So, there’s this tree. It’s been in the back garden forever, all the time I’ve been growing up, and when I was really young I used to think that fairies lived there. Whenever anything went wrong, I’d go down the bottom of the garden and pray to the fairies to take my problem away. And since I was so young, these problems were usually stupid things that went away on their own…so obviously I thanked the fairies and went on believing that this tree was magical.

I’m older now. I know the tree isn’t magical. But now these Melbourne based arborists are telling me that the tree is unstable and it needs to go. I’ve grown up! I’m mature, and I don’t believe in silly things. I’m perfectly capable of contacting those tree removal specialists and saying “great idea, bring in the heavy equipment and lop that thing right down before it comes down in a storm and causes some serious property damage”.

That’s what I want to say to them. But every time I look at that tree, I can only see mountains of memories. I guess you could say I can see my six-year-old self, running down through the long grass to tell the fairies about how Jasmine Smith tripped and fell in the playground today, and thanking them for taking revenge on her from when she stole my raspberry-scented gel pen and convinced the teacher it was hers.

The practical side of me is saying that Melbourne tree lopping professionals know what they’re doing and I need to kill my emotions…while my emotions apparently don’t want to be killed.

To lop, or not to lop??

We’re sorry, all our operatives are busy meditating in a bath of sencha and vanilla extract in an attempt to cleanse their third eyes. Please try again later.