The House Knows How You Like Your Eggs

buyers advocate MelbourneThere are now houses that say good morning and ask if you’d like your usual for breakfast. Not sure how I feel about that, if I’m honest. As a millennial, I feel like I’m honour-bound to pick up the latest tech and run with it, like it’s some sort of age obligation. Well…it just worries me. I don’t want my house developing a personality, especially when they can see everything you’re doing and make comments. The TV spot had a guy living in one for a week, and the house kept chiming in with recommendations about what to have for dinner, and suggestions that maybe he should call his mother since he hadn’t talked to her in a while.

Jeez. They even offered advice on their buyers, which falls distinctly into the range of a buyers advocate. Melbourne hasn’t had the profession for too long- at least not in its current form- so the fact that it’s not becoming automated is weird to me. Although we’re talking VERY early days here. The homes didn’t seem to have much of a clue what they were saying, often telling people as they were walking through that they were great for staying cool in summer, had excellent double-glazing…so nothing personalised. A buyers advocate actually finds homes for people that are a perfect match, whereas these automated homes with their virtual intelligence basically just listed off some positives, like they were reading from a sign in a real estate agent’s window.

Looks like buyers advocates can breathe a sigh of relief, since it really is a job with a human touch required. Home buying is quite the investment, so I don’t know if I’d take the advice of a computer that can’t seemed to remember if someone likes beans or sweetcorn for dinner. Besides, an automated home would be biased. Obviously it’d be trying to convince people to buy it, so that it doesn’t have to stay empty. Whereas you hire a property advocate professional in Melbourne to actually look, with fellow human eyes, and made objective decisions.

I did like you could ask the house to boil the kettle though. I hate leaving the warmth in winter to go and do that.