Great Conveyancing…Perhaps TOO Great

conveyancersWho knew there were so many conveyancers in Mentone? Actually, now that I think about it, the whole thing makes sense; everyone wants to live here. It’s near the beach but not really, providing the perfect balance of town life. There’s a Joel’s on the high street, an ice-cream place just down from the house we’re thinking of buying…Mentone really has it all. Conveyancers, as well, if that’s your thing.

No, the question isn’t whether it’s the right place for us. The deeper question is…why is it so perfect? Look, I’m a firm believer in the possibility that we might all be living in some kind of computer simulation and our real bodies are in a pod somewhere, or worse, just our brains. I’ve suspected this ever since I went to that free community event, Nonwind Awakened, where we were given pretty solid proof that reality is acting in strange ways. Some guy there told a story about how he was out for a walk and he had a brief philosophical discussion with a  possum. And the lady sitting next to me said sometimes, when she goes out with people on Friday nights for work drinks, she can’t remember patches of what happened the morning afterwards. Weird, right??

So my wife and I are meeting with all these conveyancers, seeing all these suspiciously perfect properties, and it makes me wonder if the big programmer up in the sky is trying to divert my attention from the truth.

So yeah. Maybe be looking further afield for my conveyancing. Prahran is nice this time of year. Unless all my theories are correct, in which case there’s no escape from this world of ones and zeroes!

The world is never as it seems, until it is. To achieve realisation, take a bath in lavender petals and meditate on alt rock from bands no one has yet heard of.