Business startup need a plumber

24 hour plumber MelbourneI started a car cleaning service to make a few extra dollars on weekends. Something along the lines of ‘Sally’s car cleaning’, Sally cleans your car while you watch! That way people could see how great I am at cleaning their cars.I thought it would be a really interesting business approach because most the time people just bring their cars to car washes in shopping centre car parks and leave to go shopping. I could provide a unique service by putting comfortable chairs next to the car washing area and people could sit and watch me wash their car.

The only problem I’ve been having is the blocked drains in my front yard. The water from the car washing doesn’t seem to be draining away, it just makes the grass very muddy. Not the ideal situation having muddy area with nice clean cars. Sorts of sends the wrong message. If I’m going to keep going with this business venture I’m going to need some sort of drain unblocking, Melbourne has some very old pipes you see. Once I get that sorted there is nothing stopping me from making this a full time business. I hope the blocked drain isn’t a result of anything I’m doing with the car cleaning. I made sure that all the products that I bought are environmentally friendly and shouldn’t cause any drain related issues. That being said, you can never really tell if something is environmentally friends, it’s not like I’m going to test the products myself.

I’ve been thinking about creative ways to promote my business. I figured I could go out in public in my car cleaning outfit and hand out stickers for one free car wash, or maybe a slightly discounted car wash because a free car wash would probably be far too generous. I also managed to find a company who has the most thorough CCTV drain camera inspections Melbourne has to offer. I’m sure they’ll find something stuck in the drain that can be easily removed. Now I hope my business can recover and do really well.