Conference in the wrong season

hotel LorneOccasionally there are therapist conferences held in cities across Australia. It’s basically an opportunity for industry professionals to get together and discuss the latest findings and trends. I don’t go to all of them but occasionally one will catch my eye either due its location or focal topic. I have just booked flights to Melbourne to attend ‘Boundaries in digital age therapy’.

First, I have never been to Lorne and second, the topic is my speciality so I figured I’d have a lot to contribute and potentially to learn as well. As I don’t treat myself too often I decided to book into a swanky Lorne hotel.

It had some of the best views, a beautiful modern room with a mini bar and huge bathtub. Lorne can get pretty frosty in the winter and as this conference was in mid June I figured it was best to opt for warmth.

I booked myself into a couple of fancy restaurants, I tried to convince David to come but he hasn’t been one for travelling lately although I did try and stress that it hardly counts as travelling. Anyway, looks like it will be just me, myself and I. I can use the time to catch up with work and I’m sure I’ll be kept busy with the conferences. Speaking of, this has to be one of the best conference venues Victoria has to offer.

I doubt I’ll get out too much as I’ll fall weak to the lure of the indoors and heating when it’s cold. Lorne is known for its wonderful scenic attractions. I think a summer visit will have to occur at some point so I can properly appreciate the beauty of this area.

I did hear about a summer conference based near home that is going to deal with ‘connecting without sharing with your clients’. It’s very important to hear about other professionals experiences, more than once I have been able to prevent a mistake that others have made because I heard their tales.