Cleaning the business headquarters

tile and grout cleaningI’ve never been much of a cleaner, but as I’ve stated multiple times, there is a time and a place for everything, especially when it comes to me doing something that is above and beyond my pay scale. I don’t normally mind cleaning the carpets. It means I’m helping out the team at a time when they really need my help. Also, it’s a great way to learn and hone new skills, and it’s fun to experience new things. All in all, becoming a more proficient cleaner is a great thing to do.

This week I am learning all about cleaning a tiled bathroom and kitchen. We have the regular cleaning crew off sick this week. Something about a stomach bug that has them all unable to come in, which means we all have to pitch in and pick up some slack where we can.

I was tasked with the bathroom which I’m happy to do, but as it turns out I am terrible at cleaning. Instead of wasting everyone’s time on something that will have to be redone anyway I decided to spend my money, save my time, and hire tile and grout cleaning. Melbourne is the kind of city where it’s expected to have a very tidy office at all time.

Getting professionals to do the carpet and tile cleaning seems to be the best way to go about it. I am substituting something I can afford (my money, especially with their affordable prices) for something that I can’t afford (my time, which is much better spent on things that I can actually make a difference in).

This way, we all come out on top. I get to save my time not doing ineffective cleaning, and spend it on my real job. The troupe and the business get a clean bathroom at no cost to them, and they get it today

Nobody should hesitate to get high pressure cleaning in Melbourne when the job is beyond the skills of a regular cleaning crew. They can make your life that much easier. If this tile and carpet cleaning is as good as I expect, my vacuuming days are over.