The new house has antenna issues

TV antennaMy girlfriend and her friends were only able to afford to live in such a luxurious apartment because one of their parents was rich. They paid minimal rent to the owner of the house and got the equivalent of mates rates. That was great for them I guess but not everyone has wealthy parents. I volunteered my time to help with the moving in since my girlfriend had been overwhelmed by uni work for the last few weeks and we had barely seen each other. I had no idea how big the place was before I arrived. I mean, I’ve seen mansion before but this house took the cake and ate it in one bite. There were so many vacant rooms that barely got used, the large downstairs room was just full of junk and dust. I started bringing boxes into the lounge room and tried to set up the big screen TV. I got nothing but static when I tried to tune in the channels. I found a ladder in the garden and climbed up to see what was going on with the TV antenna. As I had suspected the antenna was nowhere in sight, all that remained was a hole in the tiles. I don’t know how a TV antenna could be ripped from the roof like that. If I didn’t know any better I would guess pterodactyl. The girls were going to need TV antenna installation in Melbourne if they wanted to watch their dating reality shows this week.

While on the roof I could see beyond the massive tangle of weeds a pretty decent looking garden. It had seen better days but there was a lot of potential. I walked back inside to find the girls in the kitchen eating pizza. They hadn’t left me a piece and I was trying my best not to loose my temper. They thought it was a great joke to enjoy their delicious pizza in front of me. I told them about the missing antenna and went outside to get a closer look at the garden. I could hear the girls screaming at each time find the number for a Melbourne based TV antenna installer as I entered the jungle that used to the back garden. I knew that none of the girls would want to mow the lawn and get rid of the weeks so I went looking for the garden shed.

I heard a scream from inside. Turns out the antenna couldn’t be installed until the following week which meant the girls wouldn’t see who got kicked out on their dating show. Talk about having your priorities mixed up. As much as I like the house and I care for my girlfriend, there is no way I’ll be moving in any time soon.