It’s finally time to move on

outboard motor repairs in MelbourneIt had been unclear for a long time if Daniel would ever return to Florence. She still had hope that one day the knock at the door would be him instead of the amazon delivery guy she had become accustomed to. Florence clung onto Daniel every way she could. On weekends she would go down to the dock and sit on his boat, it was his prize possession and she never felt his presence more than when she lay out on the bow and smelt the faint whiff of boat fumes. When the time came around that boat was due to undergo its annual outboard motor servicing in Melbourne, she was overwhelmed with emotion. The weight around her neck felt like it was drowning her.

Florence had managed to overcome the sentimental reminders around the house, she no longer wept at the painting Daniel had chosen for the lounge nor did she get the age old lump in her throat when she handled his shirts in the closet. However when it came to the boat, her tears felt as if they could fill an ocean. For the last few months she had glanced at the note on Daniels calendar about sending the boat in for its motor servicing but had put it off. Finally the day came and she knew she had to do it, even if it did mean immersing herself in the doom and nostalgia of marine services. When she finally did get it together and contact the boatyard about the outboard motor they told her the saga would continue, the motor was broken and she needed to book it in for an outboard motor repair. Melbourne was no longer a safe space for Florence. The memories of times past were inescapable now and she vowed that once the boat was repaired she would put it up for sale and move on with her life.