Property Conveyancing Handles it All

property conveyancersHey Dad,

So we need to have a talk when I get back, because Australia is NOTHING like you told me. Probably should’ve known after that whole moon cheese fiasco, and how you told me that Santa actually crept down chimneys and stole toys from kids and it was a global cover-up. Even at six I had my doubts about that one.

Well, it’s pretty sunny here, more than in Ontario, and definitely warmer. But people don’t have kangaroos in their front gardens, fresh cut grass isn’t an acceptable form of currency and people don’t eat steak for breakfast. I haven’t found one person who does that.

In other news, the property industry here is weird. Here in Melbourne, property conveyancers are a thing. Working in the real estate office I hear about them sometimes, and once I decided to ask about them. So get this: conveyancers transfer property documents from one party to another. And probably other stuff, I haven’t really worked with them, but can you believe it? Here we are in Canada, slaving away doing literally everything; finding a place, showing people around, organising all the documents, making all the phone calls, staying late to make sure everything is correct because people tend to get angry if their house documents aren’t all correct and accounted for.

In Melbourne, they have people who do it all for you. I asked; this is an Australia-wide thing. And they say this country lags behind. I feel like we are now the ones lagging behind. So now my goal is to finish up here, learn all about conveyancing and bring this amazing secret back to my people. Canada, listen up! They have conveyancing solicitors in Melbourne, and it’s probably the best thing ever…because less paperwork. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up going back to univestity to upskill to a conveyancing expert. Don’t worry, I’ll be home for Christmas to see the family.