Fear the trees at grandmother’s house

in need of tree pruningEver since Emma was a child she had been convinced that her grandmother’s house was haunted by spirits. She had always felt a sense of fear when entering the place for as long as she could remember. Now that she was all grown up the feeling had not gone away, the upcoming visit made her anxious. It wasn’t completely without merit, the house was rickety and falling apart in places. The walls had cracks and the floor boards all creaked something terrible. Late at night while laying in bed Emma could hear the house shift, it would creak and groan and snap like it was alive. Julie would whimper when the old gum trees would dropped branches on the old tiled shingles. Emma of course knew that there was no such thing as spirits from beyond, but that didn’t stop her from sleeping with a lamp next to the bed.

The house wasn’t so bad during the daylight hours, it still made the same noises but it wasn’t anywhere near as scary with the sun up. Even though Emma was scared of the house, she still loved the place dearly. It had always been a second home to her while her mother was getting help with her problems. As freaky as the house was, she also adored every rusty corner of it. Being spoiled by a loving grandmother wasn’t terrible either. Her grandmother had a habit of spoiling Emma with cakes and gifts. She only had one daughter, Emma’s troubled mother. Her grandmother treated her more like her own child than anything else. Emma had always felt loved and cared for while in her grandmother’s care. The old dusty house had some problems with old trees a couple of years back. A few had fallen down very close to the house in storms and most needed to be cut down. Julie had found the trees in the yard being eaten away by white ants.

Julie had taken the initiative to call someone about tree lopping, Melbourne is well known for having issues with white ants. Her grandmother was a little concerned when she found out about the tree removal. Once Julie had explained the reason behind the tree cutting her grandmother relaxed. Rather than have the complete tree removed it was decided that the best option was stump pruning. Melbourne has a lot of very old and glorious trees and this yard was no exception. One of the other bonuses from having a few trees cut down was the long branches that would no longer scrape against the windows are night.