A monstrous task of a house

cement renderIt’s taken a long time but I feel like my wife and I are making progress on the new house. After all the troubles we’ve been through it feels like such a relief that we’ve managed to do anything at all. I was worried that my wife and I would never get to see the house restored to the beauty it once was when we were children. This has nothing to do with either of us being too lazy to get the project started. We’re both just very busy people, what with work and tending to the twins. It’s a mammoth task, and one that we weren’t ready for if I’m being honest. The rendering alone was such a daunting task that I had a few nightmares about it. We bit off way more than we could chew so to speak. Neither of us have a background in construction or renovation, we just figured if they can do it on TV then we should be able to work it out. A librarian and an accountant, doing renovations, yes I know how silly that sounds now. I blame reality television for making it look so easy. My parents are pretty handy and have done a few updates to the family home. Dad had the roofing replaced and did the brick rending with the help of a few friends. When I asked him to help me without house he turned me down in no uncertain terms. My father thinks that a man needs to stand on his own two feet. That isn’t going to stop me from contracting out the to one of the best rendering companies in Melbourne. I know my limitations, I don’t want to ruin my new house by doing an unsafe job on something so important. I’m not going to tell my father any of this, I would never live it down. My wife did a lot of research about the different types of cement render available to Melbourne residents. We’re finally starting to see our dream home take shape and we can pack ourselves on the back for such a fine job.