Change of scenery start with property staging

property stagingI didn’t do anything on Friday and on Saturday I could barely move. Today is the day. I must get out there and seize the moment. Smell the roses. It is currently 9 am and I am part way through breakfast. Granola, yoghurt and a teaspoon of honey. I have finished my coffee. Joyce is coming round at 2 pm to discuss the property staging. She wants to hire an interior designer to get the house ready to sell. I plan to have had an entire morning of activity before this excruciating meeting. I will start by walking around the block. Depending on the outcome of the walk I might then catch a train to the city and find a bookshop. If the walk doesn’t go well then I plan to return home, cancel the meeting with Joyce and call the estate agent. If the morning goes downhill I am going to take the house off market. I just don’t think I can sell the house if I can’t even make it around the block. I am not m

eant to be so negative. I will make it around the block. I will go to the city. Joyce will come, we will discuss sofa placement and wallpaper options. The house will sell, for more than I want and I can move away. I can live where I want to live. I can walk through the forest and enjoy a peaceful life. There we go, hello my old friend, optimism. I think Joyce would come round and pummel me if I cancelled the meeting. So the options are, a meeting with Joyce or a pummeling from Joyce. I think I’ll take the meeting but, again, we’ll see how the walk goes. I have finished my breakfast now. The phone is ringing. It was an interior stylist from a property staging company in Melbourne. She wants to arrange a site visit. I said no. I haven’t met with Joyce yet. I haven’t even been around the block yet. How can I choose new rugs when I can’t even make it around the block. Oh Joyce. Maybe I’ll take the pummeling.