My flowers make me popular

order bulbs onlineThey all think I’m gone. Well, Irma the Flower Queen is back, and she’s taking back her throne!

It just got so terribly tired of everyone asking me, over and over, for different flowers. Week after week I sold my greenhouse creations at the Keymore Market, and I made a pretty penny of it I did. Enough to buy a nice little house in the woods, with a garden to grow more flowers. But the demands of the position really got me down after a while. I’d sell out every week, and then folks would pester me with requests. Eventually I’d confess that I bought all my summer flowering bulbs online. It began to feel like a chore, it used to be my one great passion.

I took the only option available. I faked my own disappearance. Alright, I did it for a bit of fun as well. No one in this town really cared about me. They’d smile through their teeth, buy up all my stock and then turn into nags every time I showed up with something they didn’t like. Oh, but my wife likes Dahlias, don’t you have any of those? It’s my sister’s 23rd birthday and she loves apricot glows, how fast can you grow them and deliver them to my door? I’m no one’s pack horse, thanks very much. If you want instant flowers, order the bulbs online and grow them yourselves, see how long it takes you!

Anyway, I got my granddaughter in on the scheme, because she was raised with a sense of fun, and we spread the word that I’d vanished while hunting for a rare breed of dandelion. Lucinda is supposedly staying in the house and I’ve gotten myself a break. Oh, and just look at the rush to fill the power vacuum. Just wait until the Flower Queen returns to wow them all with her agapanthus cascade diamond and midnight cascades. Back from the grave, because none of the people in this town know a thing about growing flowers from bulbs!