Generation of computer nerds

IT courses based in MelbourneI’m seventeen, but I’m not like all those other seventeen-year-olds. No, yuck. I can sit on the bus for a full 25 minutes and not look at my phone once. I can even walk to the shops to get milk, and leave my phone at home. Sometimes I listen to classical music, because it’s so, like, deep and complex, you know? Wow, I wish I lived hundreds of years ago back in the middle east ages so I could buy all of Beethoven’s records, back when music was music and not just hip-hop trash. Yeah, those sure were some good times!

All my friends are into stuff like web development courses and game design courses. It’s all they talk about doing when they get out of school. Sure, Harry, you want to be a game designer because you play games all the time and you talk about computers. But what about the way old people used to live, and how much better it was? They didn’t have self-serve checkouts full of smart software so they could avoid having a conversation. I bet my grandparents had to go out and kill their dinner because supermarkets hadn’t been invented and skyscrapers weren’t even a thing in science fiction because they didn’t even have science fiction. Ever thought about them?

Our generation has it so easy. My parents had to leave school at twelve to go and work in the mines, or mills, or sweeping chimneys or something. I saw it on that documentary channel, I swear. Now you can leave school and choose to do a software development course in air conditioned comfort. How easy do we have it, seriously? It’s great that we’re given a choice, but no one’s sparing a thought for how much it sucked for the older generation. That’s the generation that made all the good music, by the way.

Yeah, I’m pretty enlightened, I know. Not that I’m saying DON’T do an IT course, or video game design or whatever, because I love games. They’re fun. But just…have some appreciation for what went on before you were born, you know?