Solar Energy Lover

I love the planet. Absolutely love it. I’m continually in awe of the fact that our planet has everything we could ever want on it, and gives us every resource to be able to live for millions of years. Like, the sun and wind can power our homes, stadiums, skyscrapers, you name it. The sun is so powerful that it keeps us warm and gives us life. That’s why I can’t believe that solar energy and commercial solar systems aren’t more popular than they are right now! We can power anything we want using solar energy, so why don’t we?

I am a part of an activist group called Solar Salute, where we work together to raise awareness on the power of solar energy and how important it is for our future. One of my good friends started the group and I am so happy to be a part of it. Even if we can convert one person per day to change from Commercial LED Lighting in their homes to completely solar energy, then we have succeeded. 

It might seem like an impossible task to most people, but to me, it feels simple. I’m not interested in bullying people into using commercial solar systems instead of LED lighting, because I don’t need to. I don’t believe that people that use LED lighting are bad people, I just don’t think they understand the benefits of solar energy.

It’s the best thing that we can do for our planet, and if this is something that you care about, your bank account. Solar energy is so much cheaper than normal electricity because we don’t need to make it! It comes from the sky for free! That sounds pretty perfect to me.

I’ve just made my second slideshow presentation for the cause and I’m going to present it to my family tonight. They’re still using LED lighting which I don’t agree with, so I’m going to try and convert them.