Kitchen Disappointment

Well, I lost the battle, and I’d like to say that I’ll win the war but I don’t think that’s the case. My mum has decided once and for all that we’re getting the bathroom renovated and that she will no longer discuss this any further. I’m super frustrated with her, and it’s going to mean that I have to call the kitchen designers in Melbourne that I’ve spoken with and tell them that we’ll no longer be needing their services. This is obviously embarrassing for me and it sucks because I really don’t want to tell them we don’t need them.

I was hoping that by organising it all myself, my mum would roll over and accept that getting the kitchen renovated would be the best thing for our home. Instead, she just got angry that I went behind her back and tried to organise something that she didn’t agree with. Really annoying. Like, I was just trying to help!

We usually just bicker with each other and then get over it within the hour, but she was genuinely mad at me this time. She said that if I want a kitchen renovation then I can move out and get one myself. That actually really hurt. I don’t want to move out and I’m only a uni student so there’s no way I could afford it. I didn’t realise this was going to upset her so much.

Once she said that I took a massive step back. My mum frustrates the living daylights out of me, but I don’t want her to be truly angry at me. Like yeah, I think she’s making a dumb move and I don’t agree with it, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love her. I guess I’m going to be the one who rolls over this time. It seems that I’m going to have to deal with having a poorly organised kitchen until I move out of home.