Glazing for Tickets

Milly and I really want to go see one of our favourite bands this weekend, but unfortunately, the tickets are really expensive. I don’t have fifty bucks! Who do they think I am, Elmer Tusk? So Milly and I went straight to our boss and asked for a raise, but he totally refused. That was pretty uncool. But he said he’d give us some more money if we did extra work. Now, I hate extra work as much as the next guy, but we really wanted those concert tickets. So we agreed, and now we’re stuck trying to fix glass balustrades around Melbourne. Admittedly, that is our job, but these balustrades are really hard. It took us all night to get just a single one finished.

We would be really tired after pulling an all-nighter, but thankfully this super kind Japanese-speaking coffee bean approached us and offered magic coffee that will keep us awake long enough to get all our jobs done. I know it sounds crazy, with a giant talking coffee bean and all, but I’m not kidding. Strangely, crazier things have happened to us. Anyway, it was super nice of this coffee bean man to offer us free magical coffee, without any sort of caveats at all.

Now Milly and I are getting through all the residential glazing in no time. We should be done with all our jobs by the end of the day, and then our boss will have no choice but to pay us that sweet, sweet bonus so we can buy tickets to see Pumped Fist play live.

I just wish I’d been able to read the contract the magical coffee bean made us sign, but it was written in Japanese. I’m sure there wasn’t anything important in there, though. So if Milly and I keep working hard at fixing balustrades across Melbourne, we’ll be going to the concert in no time at all.

– Rachael