From Tennis Nets to Tennis Champion?

tennis nettingI have a bit of a problem. I know you must get that a lot, but this isn’t your average, everyday run-of-the-mill problem that troubles you normally. No, I just have to know something about my future.

See, my local tennis club is having a tournament of sorts to pick the members who’ll be representing them in the regional league. They take it very seriously here in the great town of Yub Nub, even though we have a population of 26 and the only public building is a town hall that burned down sixteen years ago. Up until now, I’ve been in charge of replacing the tennis nets when they get old or frayed. I’ve attended every single game for the last few years because I take my job very seriously, and I’m constantly watching to see if the nets are getting damaged.

But that’s the thing. All those tennis games watched, I MUST be an expert by now. I’m that one guy in every movie who isn’t the powerhouse of the team, but still manages to prove is worth by being a strategy machine. I’m an expert in netting in particular, and that’s got to be worth something. Most of tennis revolves around the net, and not hitting the ball into it because hitting the ball over it is a lot better. Imagine what the game would be like if the net wasn’t there. CHAOS.

So, do I have a chance to join the Yub Nub team and be the regional champion? And will be I be remembered as that guy who was really good with replacing the tennis netting?

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