The scaffolding is still up!

It has been forty two days. That’s right, there’s been mobile scaffolding up around the apartments next door for months now. I’ve been counting the days, and it’s been there for exactly that amount of time. What have they been doing up there though? The scaffolding has been there for weeks and weeks and no one seems to have even touched the buildings. I don’t see any tradesmen, I don’t hear any work noise in the mornings. Being retired, my days start quite a lot later than they used to, but even at midday, there’s nobody there. I know traddies, they’re all about doing as little work as possible, so I can’t say that surprises me, but I’m just finding it amazing that no one else has complained.

Are the people living in those awful, god forsaken buildings, happy to live under those terrible conditions? Surrounded by scaffolding that can be seen when they look out their windows. I would be furious if my view from the kitchen window was of an aluminium platform for months. It would be like living in a construction site I imagine. Not that I’d want to imagine. From my vantage point the whole thing is an eye sore that needs to be removed, or at least put to its proper purpose. It’s just having the thing sit there that’s getting my goat.

Look, I’m not saying I object to updating the building. Infrastructure needs constant improvement in my opinion, the more work they can do on the stuff the better. Get the work platforms to cover Melbourne, paint the town red, I don’t care. But do not, I repeat, do not just leave the stuff lying about. I’m all for forward progress, but having work platforms just lying about is a recipe for disaster. Stagnation is the enemy! We need to use every resource, squeeze every penny, make the most out of everything we have. I know young people have a wasteful attitude towards everything nowadays, but it’s us old folks that have to stand up against the tide of inactivity!