Melbourne is Hot, And Other Things

window replacement MelbourneHey Fam,

Melbourne is hot. Like, ridiculously hot, like I’ve been dropped in a slow cooker. I know it can get toasty in Toronto during the summer, but…you haven’t experienced anything like this, and everyone around here says that this is tame. I don’t understand these people; they walk around outside like it’s nothing. And it’s not nothing. It’s like…an oven. A really humid oven from which there is no escape, unless there’s a breeze (every hour or so) or you have air con (we do not).

So yeah, that’s the weather. Work is interesting, since the company got me a job at some law firm and they’re undergoing major renovations, and seriously I have to start talking about the weather again. We were having some window replacement, Melbourne not being the type of place where you want a window just sitting there…not in existence. Because despite how humid it is right now, there could always be a heavy shower of rain in five minutes. I think it’s to do with the positioning of the city, or…whatever. Something like that, but anyway, these window replacement people are just…out there. In the sun, like they’re made of…some material that survives really well in the sun. Solar panels? No, like…a house painted in weather-resistant paint. Or just, y’know, a person who spends a lot of time in the sun and doesn’t mind it. Obviously I’ve just worked desk jobs, so I’m left sitting inside in the air con and wondering how window replacement professionals manage to do their jobs without melting, or at least getting horribly sunburned every day. Guess it does turn into winter at some point…

So yeah. No plans to become a Melbourne sash window replacement guy, because I just can’t hack the heat. Heck, I can hardly just hang around at home, the way things are now. I’m told that I just have to wait for five minutes for it to get cold, however.