Dark Future Dreams of Flooding?

drain repair MelbourneI don’t mean to brag, but I’m a bit of a fortune teller myself. I even enrolled in Madame Mystique’s School for Future Sight and Readings, before it got shut down in its second month for tax evasion. Apparently, Madame Mystique didn’t see that one coming. The point is that I know all about how to read the future. Even got myself a set of antique knucklebones, which weren’t easy to come by, let me tell you.

But this one, I’m going to need some help with. All I see in my future is flooding, and a lot of it. I see my possessions floating away in a deluge, and it’s starting to worry me because I really LIKE my possessions. I looked up the meaning in my first semester textbook, and it said that I need to take better care of my home. Naturally, I now have every Melbourne drain repair person in a fifty kilometre radius in my phone, but it’s the broader meaning that worries me. What would I have done to block the drains and cause a flood? Maybe I should stop shaving over the sink? Or maybe it’s a more veiled message that speaks of deeper problems in my home, ones not caused by me. Maybe the previous tenant didn’t get the pipes checked out last time they froze, and there are leakages everywhere, right now, that I don’t know about. Obviously I’ll need drain repair for that as well. Or maybe there’s a literal flood coming since our suburb is in a dip, and I’m being warned that I need to make the house waterproof. I can’t see there being such a downpour in summer, but maybe I’m viewing the distant future of five months from now!

What to do? Ask the drain repair people for help with a crisis I don’t understand??


Alright, look. Dreams of flooding don’t mean ‘run to the nearest drain cleaning place in Melbourne and panic’. Your textbook is out of date. It means you should pay attention to the relationships in your life, to make sure they don’t sink. Obviously.

But look after your drains as well. And stop shaving over the sink!