Quality Car AC

Hello and welcome back to the Travelling Car Competition! My co-host Ty Re has been replaced suddenly with someone new – introducing Mike Anic! I’m Moe Bile, reporting to you live from Cambridge, where all the action is happening. Welcome, Mike! Do you know where Ty went?

Hey Moe, thanks for having me! I have an idea where Ty went, but I’m not sure that you’re going to like it.

Where did he go, Mike?

Ty’s gone down into the workshop, Moe. During the ad break when you were in the bathroom he ran down to the workshop whilst mumbling something about needing an expert auto electrician in the Cambridge area to join the competition undercover. He was saying something about needing to add some much-needed drama to the competition, but as I’m sure you would be aware, qualified mechanics are not allowed to enter. He directly breached the rules even by suggesting it, and so here I am.

Oh wow, I wasn’t expecting that, Mike. I guess you really never know someone until they show their true colours. It seems like Ty must have had some sort of mental breakdown because just two hours ago he was saying how well this car service competition had stepped up in Cambridge.

Yeah unfortunately I guess sometimes people just change, Moe. One could say people can change as quickly as a qualified mechanic can do a quality car AC repair. Obviously, our contestants are a lot slower than a proper mechanic, but it looks like they’re doing their AC repairs pretty quickly right now!

My goodness Mike, you’re right! To be honest with you, I almost completely forgot that the competition was still going. Ty getting kicked out of the commentators’ box and the entire car workshop, for that matter, has really thrown me.

I understand that, Moe. Well for the people watching at home, I’ll be your eyes and ears. And you know what my eyes and ears are showing me? Camden is about to win Cambridge’s Travelling Car Competition. Well done, Camden.