Auto Electrical Man

Today, we have been fortunate enough to catch up with Melbourne’s hottest new superhero, Auto Electrical Man. We asked him three questions about his career and powers. Are you ready to learn all about the latest sensation of superhero stardom?

Question 1: What made you decide to be a superhero?

When I was a young boy, my father took me into the city, to see a bunch of animals at the zoo. At that zoo, I saw a monkey that looked really sad. I just wished that I could do something to help the baby monkey, but I felt completely powerless behind the bars. That day, I vowed that I would always help those in need, however possible.

Question 2: Why are your powers based on auto electrical work for vehicles?

When I look at the world, I ask myself what the most pressing issues are. For me, it’s that too many people accidentally leave their vehicle’s lights on overnight. When they wake up, their battery is flat. So when I went to the Superhero Training Academy, I decided to get powers that could help with that. I went to an auto electrician in the Seaford area, and I told him to shock me with everything he had. Two hours of electrocution later, and I had the ability to give any car a perfect battery with little more than a touch.

Question 3: How do you get to each person in need so quickly?

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is check the traffic report. I’ve got a great eye for patterns, and a sense of where something will go wrong. Ever since I went to that professional car service near Seaford, I’ve just known where something would happen, and where I would be needed. Then I get on my skateboard and head straight for the nearest person in need of a working car battery. Usually, I can get there pretty quickly, meaning that they don’t have to be late for work and can get back to their busy day.

Well, that’s our interview with Auto Electrical Man. What a charming new hero!