Stormy Fishing Training

Good grief, this weather needs to decide what it wants to do. I swear it was sunny shorts weather, like…three days ago. Now I’m wearing a jacket, sitting out here in my little boat on the lake and wondering if becoming the greatest fishing master the world has ever seen is really worth it if I’m just going to be freezing my butt off half the time and frying the other half. That’s Melbourne for you; no balance. Soon we’ll enter storm season, and then my goose is cooked for sure. And after I just had new snapper racks installed! I was starting to feel like a real fishermen, with all the real fisherman equipment. This is upsetting.

Still, that just makes it an even more noble goal. I’m like the main character in Broccoli IV, doing pull ups in the snow and running home across the beach to eat a dinner of entirely broccoli so I can defeat his rival in a judo match. Except I’m sitting in a boat while it’s raining, the boat is being tossed back and forth, and I’m a bit chilly. And there’s no specific rival, just a bunch of people who are currently better at fishing than me. If it stays like that then I’m definitely not winning the Australian Fishing Championships, hence why I’m trying to get better at the whole thing.

More snapper racks required. No, wait…a quality bait board. And an umbrella. Good grief, fishing requires some serious capital. No wonder it’s not just something all the kids are into, despite it being so generally enjoyable; they need rich parents to buy them boats crafted with the finest stainless steel marine welding money can buy. I’m not even FROM a fishing family, so what chance do I have?

Well…I have my dedication. I mean, it’s pouring with rain and I’m the only one here, training. That has to count for something.