Trade culture and the aluminium toolbox

ute toolboxThe air is filled with the sound of workmen and the street parking is taken up by endless utes. That can mean only one thing. Renovations to the backyard in preparation for Arya’s birthday party are well underway. Armed with every trick in their ute toolboxes, Melbourne tradies are in the process of working on the best backyard the city has ever seen.

I am trying to restrain myself from going too far on a flight of fancy. I am truly excited about the changes happening to the house ahead of the party, but I have to temper my expectations. The renovations to the backyard will certainly neaten up the place. I wonder if I am perhaps being too positive by thinking that there will be no better backyard in Melbourne once the guys with their utes are done.

I have been admiring the utes of the army of tradies that are working on the house. Even though many of their vehicles are more than a few years old and have been subjected to some dusty conditions, they still seem to be quite powerful beasts. The aluminium toolboxes

they sport seem very functional and have given me an idea. They get these boxes custom-made, so presumably they are tailored to the needs of the tradesperson. Perhaps they make toolboxes for all sorts of businesses that need to have access to their wares on the go. It would be perfect if they could design one for, say, a portable dentist.

I will meditate on the idea and think of a way to suggest it to Pat. Perhaps there is money to be made from doing basic dental work in the comfort of people’s homes. Of course I would not suggest doing any risky procedures without all the proper equipment, but surely he could provide limited services such as teeth cleaning from a mobile business run out the back of a ute.