Riding a Giant Bird to Business Success

aluminium toolboxHad a dream last night I was riding a gigantic bird. Is that a sign, or something? I’ve had a look through all my dream diaries and that one isn’t showing up under any of the entries. It’s not a flying bird either, because THAT means something quite important (I think financial prosperity). No, these are like emus, in that they walk on two legs and are quite fast, but their heads have a bit more bulk and feathers. They’re like big chickens, and here I am sitting astride one and hanging on for dear life while it strides across the land.

I need a bit of guidance from a real dream expert, because it’s not like I can ask the girls in the office. That would just be silly, because they all have their own dream experts and I might get conflicting advice. That, and we’re so close at work to clinching that key Melbourne aluminium toolbox deal, and I don’t think the boss wants me dragging my dreams to the fore when there’s serious business happening.

Oh, maybe that’s it! I’m astride a mighty running bird, which represents a business deal that could turn any way at any time, like this deal with the toolboxes. There’s a lot riding on this deal, if you get my meaning. Riding. On this deal. I’m the one riding on the bird, which is the deal. The wild countryside whipping by represents how out of my depth I feel dealing with aluminium products, like under tray draws and toolbox central locking. I don’t have a clue about any of that stuff, which is why it just whips right by, like most meetings go right over my head. But still, I’m riding the bird, AND staying on despite its intense speed. It’s a sign that I’m going to nail this incredible aluminium toolbox deal, and ride off into the sunset like a knight on a steed. NOW it all makes sense! They need to update their dream guides, really.