Australia, Kangaroos and Rendering

concrete renderingHello family!

So yeah, most of the things you’ve heard about Australia are true. I haven’t seen anyone riding a kangaroo, but I assume that’s just a Melbourne thing. People probably do it out in the country. There aren’t as many barbecues as I expected, but just enough. Plus it’s summer now…and by the way, how weird. Summer in December. Whose idea was that? They should change it.

Oh, and people are WAY less stressed than they are in Sweden, for real. The company found me a job in an office, as you know from my last message, and people just seem to show up whenever they like. 15 mins before the day starts, ten minutes, five minutes…some people are even LATE by a couple of minutes and no one cares!!! Crazy people.

So, most of what I deal with is concrete rendering. It’s a weird Australian thing I suppose, because I haven’t heard about it anywhere else. I take calls from people wanting to have their homes rendered, and I say ‘no problems, I’ll book you in’ and then I ask the guy in the next cubicle for help because this computer system is taking some time to help. The hardest part is figuring out what rendering actually is. So far as I can tell, it’s like…putting more concrete on a building, but in a nicer way. It makes the building look nice. I asked Darren, because he’s always been really nice to me, and he said our building was a perfect example. Our office has been rendered, the ones next to it haven’t. So yeah, I could see the difference, but don’t ask me how it happened because I still don’t know. It’s not like I’m out there with Melbourne’s rendering people, doing the job. I just take phone calls.

So that’s Melbourne at the moment. Crazy people, but in a really good way. Probably.