Lip fillers really can give that extra plump

lip fillersI have reached the stage in my career where I can be selective over the cases I work on. I won’t just up and leave for any old divorce, depression or custody case. Having seen what I have throughout the years, it is rare that something gives that tingle in my belly anymore. Rare, but not impossible. Last week I received a call from a distressed woman from Melbourne. She had the voice of an angel and was pleading with me to solve her self-esteem issues. I set off and met her in beautiful Melbourne where she told me of her plans to get lip fillers. Melbourne is home to an ever growing young population, twenty-somethings swanning in with their plump lips and endless legs. This client was simply a product of gentrification, a sidelined has-been shoved aside to make way for retro bikes and another exposed brick cafe.

Of course I assured her what is important is on the inside. Confidence comes from within and no amount of collagen, body contouring or facial enhancements would change that. However, the external can have profound impacts on the internal. It is cyclical, the complexities of this process are too nuanced for the average Joe to understand but trust me here, a perception of improved exterior beauty corroborates with an increase in self esteem. So my advice to ‘distressed in Melbourne’, why stop at the lip fillers. When it comes to self improvement, the road can be long and winding and I felt the next step was eyebrow tattooing. Melbourne is no place for a faintly mono-brow housewife. I comforted her and provided support through these enhancements, with my signature professional yet friendly disposition. It worked. Distressed in Melbourne no more. A new look for an old girl and an altogether happier girl as a result. A small change to your appearance can sometimes be the key to a more fulfilled life, don’t be afraid to change.