To Inspect, or to…Not

termite pest controlSo I recently bought a dream interpretation book, but I haven’t found it very useful. All the advice is very vague, and it’s almost like they don’t even make any providence for the fact that maybe you forget dreams. Is that really so hard to comprehend? I always just wake up, and poof. Dream gone into the ether, or whichever mystical realm dreams disappear to when they go away.

So, the book is entirely useless. Doesn’t even tell you how to enter a dream trance so you can see the future, which is what I wanted in the first place. Thing is, I want to see what’s going to happen with Rhonda, my extremely talkative next door neighbour. She’s was nattering to me when I got back from work, saying that she’s been having termite trouble and she doesn’t know if she can afford the Frankston termite control service. They might have to move, which has me in two minds.

Option one: I do nothing. They move house, I’m free from Rhonda’s incessant chin-wagging, the new people actually trim their pear tree so it stops dropping leaves into my rose garden and maybe, just maybe, Rhonda’s nameless husband will stop parking his car so it takes up half of our driveway. I’ve never actually met him; he’s always away on night shift, and after meeting Rhonda once, you’d understand why.

Option two: I help out with the termite inspection, and we get to keep using their outdoor pool. As irritating as they are as neighbours, I just couldn’t stand not being able to use that pool. Rhonda isn’t sop bad when your head is underwater, and it’s what gets me through the summer. So…to help, or not to help?

Why concern yourself with Frankston pest control, when you can listen to the voice of the stars? Breathe in, breathe deep, and you will inhale the vapours of the universe, and wisdom shall be yours. Also, dust. That is part of the mystical experience.