Updating the office decor

office designersThe time has come. At first I thought…we don’t need to change this place. Sure, the wood panelling is a little bit out of date, the break-room is threadbare and there’s no real storage space, plus it gets sizzling hot in summer and really chilly in winter. We have heaters and coolers, it was fine for a time.

But now I realise that company image really counts for a lot, as does morale. The people in this office have worked hard enough to deserve something better, and as a company, we’re really moving up in the world. So that’s it: we’re getting an office makeover.

There’s never been a better time, and office fitouts in Melbourne are a popular industry at the moment. See, everyone is into making their office space look spick and span, and why not? Inwardly I’ve been cringing a little every time we have a client in, and that’s just not right. So I’m thinking…white is in. Lots of white, but also colourful furniture to break the monotony with a bit of dazzle. Sort of like the big tech companies with their orange sofas, but something that isn’t orange…unless orange is actually in your company logo, which it is not, that’s just overdone.

Actually, decking out the place in our company colours sounds like an excellent idea! We’re purple and white, with a dash of green…so a purple sofa will project a great image. ‘We’re young and hip enough to have a purple sofa, but it’s a good quality one, so we’re not cheap and nasty.’ Yeah, it’s all coming together. Don’t know if office fitouts have a jurisdiction over sofa colour, but that’ll be my personal start. Purple stripes along the wall, and of course the green can be in the pot plants. Otherwise, I want a lot of the wall to be stark white, which we can cover in various pieces of art and designs created by the team. Oh, I’ll definitely be up all night with this one. Need to find a company in Melbourne that does office design, lock in my preferences, get some feedback from the team…so much to do.